Wednesday, August 19, 2009

BBQ @ Amsterdamse Bos

My work team had a BBQ at Amsterdamse Bos park this evening. It's a lovely huge park with bicycle and horse tracks everywhere. We arrived about 6pm and started cooking around 7. Everyone else seemed to be playing some kind of sport or doing some kind of fitness activity so we enjoyed watching.

We took the 170 bus from near our work, but it also goes from Centraal Station, you can also get the 172.


  1. bbq on a wednesday night! you europeans sure now how to make the most out of life!
    so what kinda things did you bbq? anything odd from a kiwis point of view?
    in hong kong it's lots of meat drizzeled in honey... (i know) and fish balls. well not actual balls, but fish meat shaped as balls.

  2. The meat was pretty standard but there was also a huge pepper bell stuffed with something rice-like... and whole spring onions in foil packets... you dangle the ends over your mouth and chomp!